Convertible Roof Replacement FAQ’s: Your Most Common Questions Answered

When you make the decision to replace your soft top roof, it can be an exciting time. However, it can also be a time filled with many questions and uncertainties, especially if you have never been on this journey before. Whether your soft top has obvious wear and tear, or you are just interested in an upgraded aesthetic, you will likely have some queries. This month, we will explore some of the most common questions that we get about convertible roof replacement, and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about replacing your soft top roof.

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1: When Should I Replace my Convertible Roof?

While the need for roof replacement on soft top convertibles varies due to factors such as usage, climate, and maintenance, there are some clear signs that mean replacement is necessary. These include: obvious wear and tear, leaks, fading, and visible damage. In addition, convertible tops have a typical lifespan of around 5-10 years, so if your roof is nearing the end of this period, that is also a good indication to consider replacement.

2: Can I Replace the Convertible Top Myself?

It is possible to replace your convertible roof yourself, however, this is a task that requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail, as well as a level of skill when it comes to mechanics. If you are going to undertake this DIY project, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the manufacturer, and to have the correct tools and materials, to ensure that the job goes smoothly and you are satisfied with the end result.

3: How Long Does it Take to Replace a Convertible Roof?

The answer to this question depends greatly upon who is carrying out the replacement project. Experienced professionals can typically complete such a job in a day or two. If you are a novice undertaking a DIY replacement, then it may take longer than this. DIY enthusiasts who have experience in replacing their own convertible roof can likely expect a shorter replacement time.

4: What Tools and Materials are Needed for a DIY Replacement?

The basic tools needed for a roof replacement are screwdrivers, pliers, and a set of sockets, though specific tools may vary depending upon the model of your car and the replacement kit. You will also need the replacement top itself, a good adhesive, and sometimes additional hardware.

5: Should I Replace the Frame Along with the Convertible Top?

In most cases, the frame does not need replacing along with the soft top roof. However, if the frame is showing signs of damage like rust, or obvious wear and tear, then it will need to be replaced. Generally though, when the frame is in good condition, it can be reused.

6: How Much Does Convertible Roof Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing a soft top roof can vary widely based on factors such as the make and model of your vehicle. Other factors can include the quality of the replacement top, and if you are choosing professional installation. On average, the cost can range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars.

7: Can I Upgrade to a Different Material or Colour?

Yes, many convertible top replacement kits offer a variety of materials and colours. If you are looking to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your soft top at the same time as replacing the roof, then you can choose from the different options provided by the replacement kits available for your particular vehicle. Just ensure that you select a material that is compatible with your car model, and with your maintenance expectations.

8: What is the Difference Between Cloth and Vinyl Convertible Tops?

Cloth and vinyl are two of the main materials used for convertible roofs. Cloth provides a luxurious and classic look, and also offers better insulation and thus a quieter ride. Vinyl tops, on the other hand, are more affordable, easier to clean, and often have a sleek and elegant appearance. It is your decision to select between them depending on your preferences, budget, and desired aesthetic.

9: How Can I Prevent Premature Roof Wear and Tear?

Here, regular maintenance is the key. Preventing premature wear and tear involves maintaining your soft top roof by cleaning it regularly to remove dirt and debris. You should always ensure that you use the right cleaning materials, such as a soft brush and an appropriate cleaning solution specifically designed for your roof’s material. In addition, UV rays can fade and damage convertible tops, so aim to store your vehicle under shelter, and also use a UV protectant to prevent deterioration caused by exposure to the sun.

10: Do I Need Professional Installation for a Replacement?

While we have outlined that DIY installation is certainly an option, it is true that the professional expertise of soft top installation experts cannot be matched. These professionals will ensure that your new roof is fitted and secured properly, and they can expertly handle any challenges that may arise during the replacement process.

Do You Need Convertible Roof Replacement?

Look no further than Prestige Soft Tops. We are proud to be the experts in convertible roof replacement in Australia. Backed by 10 years of industry experience, we bring you a nationwide network of professional soft top installers alongside our exceptional customer service.

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9 Ways to Get Your Soft Top Ready for a New Convertible Top

The saying goes that nothing good lasts forever, and this is true of soft top roofs, which require proper maintenance and care and then replacement when needed. When it comes to soft tops, it’s a fact that due to general wear and tear and the passage of time, your beloved car will need a new convertible top at some point in its lifetime. There are two options when it comes to this replacement, and those are professional installation or DIY, and both have their own virtues. This month’s article focuses on the information that you need to prepare your soft top for a DIY roof replacement. Plus, keep reading to discover our most important bonus tip. Hint: it’s all about the importance of finding a soft top professional to source your replacement roof.

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1: Get Your Tools and Materials Together

When you set out to start any DIY project, it’s so important that you set yourself up for success by organising all the tools and materials that you will need. First, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment on hand, and if not, you will need to acquire them. There are some basic things that you will need for a soft top replacement, including pliers, a set of screwdrivers, and an appropriate adhesive or sealant. Most importantly, however, is a high-quality soft top replacement kit from an expert.

2: Set Up a Workspace for Yourself

When undertaking a roof replacement project, it is also important to find an appropriate space in which to work. The ideal space area is a garage or another covered area like a carport. This is so that both your soft top, its replacement roof, and your tools and materials are protected from the elements. You should also ensure that you have enough room to move and work comfortably around your vehicle. In addition, you should do your best to make sure that the space around your soft top is clean and tidy, and that the surface is level.

3: Remove the Original Soft Top

The next step is to remove the old soft top. You can start near the rear window, and then gently peel the roof away from the frame. Then, you can detach the old top from its frame, making sure that you do not damage the underlying structure. The key to this stage is patience, as you need to work carefully in order to unnecessarily damage the vehicle.

4: Inspect and Clean the Frame

After the old soft top is removed, you will be left with the roof frame. Now is the perfect time to inspect the frame and clean it, ready for its new roof. You will need to look out for rust, corrosion, and any potential damage to the frame that will need repairing before you can install the new roof. Next, clean the frame carefully by removing dirt, debris, or any remnants of the old roof.

5: Measure and Align

Next up, it’s time to measure. Ensure that the new roof fits and aligns correctly aligns with the mounting points of the frame. Taking time with this stage is crucial to avoid misalignment issues later on.

6: Test the New Top

Before you secure your new soft top, you should test that it functions correctly. This means operating the top, ensuring that it opens and closes smoothly, and securely latches. This step allows you to identify any potential functional issues with the top before you install it.

7: Apply the Sealant or Adhesive

After you are satisfied with the alignment and functionality of the new roof, you should apply the sealant or adhesive as directed by the manufacturer. Ensure that the bond between the top and the frame is secure and even, and also make sure that you follow expert advice regarding the correct adhesives and sealants.

8: Secure the Top

Next, secure the top to the frame using the appropriate hardware and fasteners. Ensure that you follow the manufacturers advice, and that you work from the rear of the vehicle to the front. Make sure that you tighten all fasteners securely, but do not over-tighten because this can damage the top or the frame.

9: Final Testing and Adjustments

After the roof is secured, it’s time to make the final adjustments. Test how the top operates, and ensure that it opens and closes smoothly and locks securely. Now is the time to check for any fasteners that may be loose, or other final areas that need additional attention.

Our Bonus Top-Tip:

The most important tip that we can give is to source your replacement roof from a soft top professional and reputable supplier. This is a critical step in the process, to ensure that you are not only getting the best value, but the best quality soft top roof replacement available.

Do You Need a New Convertible Top for Your Soft Top?

Look no further than Prestige Soft Tops for all your new convertible top needs. As experts in soft tops in Australia, we are proud to bring you the best in expertise and customer service. Plus, remember that if you don’t want to tackle a DIY replacement, you can always rely on the professional experience and training of our expert soft top installers.

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The Exhilaration of Soft Top Convertibles: 6 of the Most Exciting Features

When it comes to luxury, freedom and exhilarating road experiences, there is no type of vehicle that better embodies these characteristics than soft top convertibles. There is undoubtedly something uniquely exciting and alluring about travelling down the open road in a luxurious top-down vehicle. The benefits of soft top vehicles are many, and freedom and flexibility are just two of them. Whether you are already a soft top owner, or an aspiring one, there are so many exhilarating features associated with soft top convertibles. From the excitement of the elements, to connecting with nature, this article will help you find even more to love about soft tops. Then, discover where to find experts in soft tops in Australia, to help with all your soft top needs.

soft tops Australia

Connecting With Nature

What could be a better way to connect with nature while in your car than driving a soft top convertible? Think of the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you take in the sights of changing autumn leaves, or stunning trees or shrubbery in bloom. Regardless of the season, there is always a way to connect with nature when your soft top is down and you are cruising the open road.

Seasonal Freedom

An important and alluring feature of soft top convertibles is indeed their convertible nature. The flexibility and changeability that soft tops provide is unparalleled, and one of the major draw-cards of owning a convertible. When the weather is warm and the skies are clear, you can easily enjoy the sunshine with the top down. If the weather turns during the day, you can effortlessly put the top up and keep going on your way. Then, during the colder, rainier winter months, you can enjoy the protection of your soft top roof, and rely on it to help keep you warm and dry. The great thing about convertibles is the freedom they provide throughout the seasons, and the ease and flexibility with which they convert from one mode to another.

Opportunities for Bonding

Soft top convertibles provide so many chances for you to bond with your passengers through travelling the open road. From day trips in your vehicle to simply getting from A to B, these cars present unique opportunities to enjoy to experience the excitement of the top-down experience. When it comes to spending time together on the road, what better way to do it than in a soft top? 

Iconography from Films

When it comes to automotive iconography, is there anything more exciting than seeing the cars you love in famous films, television shows, or advertisements? Soft top convertibles have played a role in many iconic films, from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), to the infamous role of the convertible in 1991’s Thelma and Louise. The soft tops in these films embody the spirit of the convertible: luxury, excitement, glamour and of course, freedom. When you own a soft top, you can experience all of these things, and sit in the driver’s seat which has been filled by so many famous characters from film and other media.

Embracing the Elements

One of the best and most exhilarating features of a soft top is the top-down experience that allows you to really immerse yourself in the natural elements. This experience is really like no other, providing you and your passengers with the thrilling excitement of the wind in your hair, and the sights and sounds of the open road all around you. Driving in the country becomes a stunning experience surrounded by rolling hills and green pastures, while cruising down coastal roads is immersive thanks to the smell of salt wafting from the ocean. Wherever you drive, your soft top has the ability to help you to really embrace these experiences in a way that a standard car just doesn’t provide. That’s part of the beauty of the top-down experience.

The Aesthetics

Another part of the appeal of the soft top is the aesthetics. When it comes to luxury and elegance, is there anything that fits the bill more than a soft top convertible? Sleek and eye-catching, soft tops are synonymous with classic luxury and class. Whether you prefer the timelessness of vintage convertible models, or the stunning aesthetics of modern soft tops, there is no doubt that these vehicles turn heads wherever they go.

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5 Essential Accessories for Convertible Cars

Are you a convertible owner? Perhaps you are a convertible enthusiast or an aspiring soft top owner. Regardless, if you’re anything like us, you love convertibles, especially soft tops. You love the flexibility, the luxury, the excitement, and the thrill of the open road. There is so much to enjoy about a convertible, but what if you want to enjoy your car even more? Keep reading to discover our list of essential accessories to keep your convertible comfortable, convenient, and in top shape. Then, read on to find out where to go for a professional soft top replacement, to keep the ultimate convertible accessory – your soft top – looking its best.

young woman in a soft top car

All-Weather Floor Mats

How are the floors of your convertible looking? Whether they look great, or there is something left to be desired, any convertible could use a set of all-weather floor mats. These can be made from plastic or rubber, and are able to catch dirt and debris dragged in from shoes as well as any spills that may occur. These mats are then easy to clean, because of the materials they are generally made from. Imagine: you spill some of your takeaway coffee while driving. Now imagine: simply removing your all-weather mat, hosing, or wiping it down and replacing it in your car once dry. These mats are extremely durable and make the perfect accessory for your convertible soft top.

Car Cover

Every convertible should have a cover to go with it. It’s the perfect practical and functional accessory for your soft top. A cover can protect your car from elements like the rain, wind, and the harsh sun when it is not in a garage or under a carport. Plus, a cover can also protect your convertible from dust or debris when it is undercover.

Mobile Phone Mount

This is an important accessory for any driver in any car, including a soft top. VicRoads law states that the only time a driver may use GPS navigation services on a phone is if the phone is ‘secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the vehicle’. Using a navigation system is important for many drivers, which is why a mount for a mobile phone is such a great accessory for convertible owners. It is also critical to note that using any other feature of a phone while driving is not only extremely dangerous, but is illegal too, and punishable by a fine of $545.

A Secure Lock Box

A lock box is the perfect extra feature for any convertible, especially soft top convertibles. These lock boxes come in a variety of makes, sizes, and styles, and in many cases, can be attached or locked to fixed features in your car like the seat mounts. They are generally attachable to secure points in a car, and they are a perfect and secure place to leave any valuables, such as your phone, wallet, money, or other tech accessories or gadgets. This makes it easy to leave your convertible with the top down, giving you the flexibility to come and go from your car as you please. You can rest assured that any valuables you need or want to leave in the car, are safe and protected in the lock box. 

Soft Top Cleaning Accessories

Keeping up to date with the maintenance and cleaning of your soft top is a critical consideration for any convertible owner. This upkeep always starts with using the right products; ones that have been designed for your roof. That’s why we recommend using Bowden’s Own range of cleaning products and accessories for cleaning soft tops.

There are products that suit all soft top roofs including Fabratection, the fabric Soft Top protector, and Vinyl Revival, which is designed to restore and protect vinyl soft top roofs. The Bowden’s Own range has these products plus more to help you maintain that beautiful convertible roof. What could be a more perfect accessory for your soft top, than the one that keeps it looking its best?

Do You Need a Soft Top Replacement?

Look no further than Prestige Soft Tops. We know that professional soft top replacement is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your convertible. We are experts in professionally installing and fitting soft top roofs, and are backed by 10 years of industry experience. We have a true passion for convertibles, especially soft tops – just like you. We offer a nationwide network of expert installers, and they are ready to assist you with all your vinyl or fabric roof needs.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect soft top cleaning accessory or a professional soft top replacement, make sure to get in touch with us here at Prestige Soft Tops. You can email us at or fill out our online contact form and we will happily take care of your enquiry.

5 Soft Top Care Do’s and Don’ts

Here at Prestige Soft Tops, we are passionate about convertibles, especially soft tops! If you are a convertible owner, and particularly if your car has a vinyl or fabric roof, you probably understand the importance of caring for and maintaining your convertible roof. But, doing so is not exactly as simple as you might initially think.

Convertibles cannot be maintained in the same way as a regular car, and your particular roof needs special care and attention regularly, in order to preserve both its appearance and its functionality. This involves not only choosing the right products for your roof but also applying the right cleaning methods, as well as taking other measures to protect your pride and joy.

At Prestige Soft Tops, we love talking all things convertibles and convertible roof replacement, so we are happy to share these cleaning and care dos and don’ts with you.

convertible car with soft top roof

Do: Clean your Roof Properly

This means choosing the best products to work with the material of your roof and applying and using them correctly when it comes to cleaning. For everything, you will need to clean your convertible roof, check out our range of recommended cleaning products.

For vinyl roofs, you need to use a great vinyl, fabric, and canvas cleaner, and all you need to do is gently brush the solution onto your roof with a soft-bristled brush. Take a look at this Wikipedia page about vinyl roofs, for more information about vinyl.

The same Bowden’s Own solution can be used for fabric roofs, though a brush with slightly firmer bristles would be handy.

Important: NEVER use a solvent-based cleaner on either your vinyl or fabric soft top.

Don’t: Use an automatic car wash

In order to be safe when you own a soft top convertible, it is best to stick to handwashing only. When you hand wash your vinyl or fabric roof, you can ensure that you apply the correct amount of pressure during cleaning, whether you use a hose, a high-pressure sprayer on a lower-pressure setting, or a brush.

In contrast, an automatic car wash may be too harsh for your roof and use water pressures that could be harmful to your roof. While the official word from some manufacturers may be that automatic car washes are okay for these roofs, we recommend hand washing at all times to be on the safe side.

Do: Protect Your Vinyl or Fabric Roof

Just as prevention is key to maintaining anything valuable, protection is key as well when it comes to your roof maintenance. A vinyl or fabric protectant is an essential step after cleaning and is designed to act as a sort of sunscreen, protecting your roof from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

At Prestige Soft Tops, we recommend this vinyl restorer and protector for vinyl roofs, and this fabric protector for fabric roofs.  Remember to always use the correct product on your roof – that is, the one that corresponds with the particular material of your soft top.

Important note: you must make sure that your roof is totally dry before applying the protectant.

Don’t: Leave your Convertible Roof Down Overnight

It is important that you don’t leave your roof down overnight or for an extended period of time, for more than one reason. Leaving your roof retracted for long periods can expose the interior to the elements, such as rain, wind, and the harshness of the sun.

In addition, when you leave a vinyl or fabric roof retracted, (or folded down), there is the potential for folds or creases to appear in the material of the roof. It is even possible for cracks to form over a very long time, and in this case, it is possible that the only way to fix these imperfections is to replace the entire roof. So, our tip is when leaving your convertible, always remember to put the roof up!

Do: Replace your Soft Top When Necessary

All these tips and tricks will help to preserve and extend the life of your vinyl or fabric roof, but at the end of the day, after a number of years, your roof will need replacing. Check out our FAQ’s about convertible top replacement to understand more, and then choose experts in convertible roof replacement, and that means contacting Prestige Soft Tops.

Need Soft Top Replacement?

Don’t look any further than Prestige Soft Tops. We are experts in professionally installing and fitting soft tops, backed by 10 years of industry experience, and a true passion for convertibles. With a nationwide network of expert installers, we can help you with all your vinyl or fabric roof needs. Get in touch by emailing or alternatively, by filling out our contact form, and we will take care of your inquiry.