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With Prestige Soft Tops, it’s all in the name.

Specialised Soft Top Replacement

Our brand was built on the belief that every convertible should have a prestigious, durable and stylish soft top to fit the car. Whether it’s a classic Honda S2000 or a modern Mazda MX-5, Prestige Soft Tops can provide you with a superior, unparalleled convertible roof replacement service so you can enjoy your convertible for years to come.

The foremost Australian soft top replacement service

Prestige Soft Tops is Australia’s leading supplier of convertible roof replacements. Whilst some of our tops include instructions and can be fitted at home with some patience and care, we understand that not everyone will feel comfortable doing so. That’s why we have forged partnerships with over 100 trusted installers nationwide — creating a network of experienced and skilled soft top fitters that can provide you with a high-quality installation.

All of our partnerships are with knowledgeable and practised professionals so you can rest assured knowing your top is being fitted properly for the best result. Find an installer today and find out just how easy it is to have your convertible fitted with an exceptional replacement soft top.

Major international partnerships

The convertible roof replacement we supply are unique; our trusted partnerships with major manufacturers around the world are the reason we’re able to provide such high-calibre soft tops in Australia. You can find tops from brands such as Robbins, GAHH, EZ-ON Auto Tops, BAS and OEM Plus and choose from an extensive range of cloth or vinyl products in numerous colours and styles. From distinctive, heat-efficient cloth tops such as Haartz’s proprietary Twillfast blend, to economical vinyl tops, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better products and value anywhere else in Australia.

Six-year warranty guarantee

PST’s founder, Mark, began this endeavour after recognising the lack of premium, aftermarket soft tops available in Australia. It was his passion and the passion of other enthusiasts that pushed him to start Prestige Soft Tops, so that everyone from connoisseurs to casual drivers can benefit from quality convertible top replacements. Our six-year warranty on all our soft tops displays our commitment and confidence that our tops will fit correctly when properly installed by professional soft top fitters.