Clean and protect your soft top with these amazing Aussie products

The best way to keep your soft top looking like new is to keep it clean and protected. Keeping your top clean is easy and does not require much effort, a simple rub with a soft brush every time you wash the car will keep the dirt out of the fabric fibres. Once a month we recommend a thorough clean using SUBLIME CLEAN.

Protecting your top is just as important as keeping it clean. Avoiding the elements is a good place to start and keeping your new top out of the cold and minimising the exposure to strong sun will help keep it looking sharp and new for a long time. It's not always possible to shelter your soft top from the elements and because of this Bowden's Own have created FABRATECTION for fabric soft tops. Don't worry, if you have a vinyl soft top we also carry VINYL REVIVAL that stops vinyl UV yellowing and leaves your top looking like new.

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