Convertible Soft Tops & Accessories warranty

Prestige Soft Tops warrants to the original purchaser and not a subsequent owner that your product and other related accessories be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment from our warehouse.


Prestige Soft Tops offers a 6 year (seventy two (72) month) warranty on all convertible soft tops a 5 year ( sixty (60) month) warranty on hard glass curtains, a 3 year (thirty six (36) month) warranty on headliners, and 1 year (twelve (12) month) warranty on associated products. This warranty is non-transferable and is limited to the original purchaser.


Prestige Soft Tops reserves the right to determine if a warranty claim is valid. We may insist the item be returned to us for inspection and examination. Any abuse, misuse, or damage caused by incorrect installation or improper cleaning is the responsibility of the purchaser. All claims are calculated from date of invoice. Proof of purchase (the original invoice) must be presented to Prestige Soft Tops when a claim is made. In determining what constitutes a valid warranty claim under the terms of this warranty, the decision of Prestige Soft Tops shall be final.


Should a soft top fail within an 18 month period from the date it was professionally fit to a vehicle by a Prestige Soft Tops approved installer, a sum of the incurred cost of labour based on hours required for fitment for a new soft top will be paid to the original purchaser. The paid amount will be derived from the recommended fitting time outlined by the manufacturer multiplied by the standard hourly rate of the contracted installer. 


How to Obtain Warranty Support

Before submitting a warranty claim, we recommend you read this entire section and consult your original installer. To submit a claim contact Prestige Soft Tops customer support at Provide a description of the fault and supporting photographs along with a photo or scan of the original receipt.


Additional Information




Failure to install product as originally installed/designed may cause damage to the product. All E-Z ON products should be installed by experienced professionals only! Damage or improper fit resulting from incorrect installation will not be covered by warranty.


Nissan 350Z (WH389) Strap Kit

When replacing a 2003-On Nissan 350Z soft top, a NEW set of bow tension straps MUST be replaced. These straps are included with a new top. If not replaced "snake bite" damage may occur. E-Z ON will not be responsible for damage to your top if these straps are not replaced.


What’s covered by warranty

Convertible Tops

We guarantee our tops for 72 months against failure of the material, such as cracking or de-laminating, severe discolouration, and failure or separation of the stitching.


Glass Windows

There is no warranty against breakage during and after installation. Glass curtains are warranted against separation of the bond between the fabric and glass, this bond is warranted for 60 months. The silicone hinge used on folding glass is warranted for 36 months.


Plastic windows

Plastic curtain assemblies are warranted for only 12 months against separation of the bond between the fabric and the plastic as well as the zipper. We use plastic zipper in order to control corrosion. There is no warranty against scratching and/or discoloration of the plastic, nor breakage of the plastic (see warranty exclusions). Plastic will normally change colour as it matures.


Convertible Headliners

We warranty our headliners for 36 months against failure of material, such as delaminating, severe discolouration, and failure or separation of the stitching.


Shipping and handling

Prestige Soft Tops will cover the return shipping cost of a soft top found to be faulty within the warranty conditions as outlined in this section. This would also include the cost of shipping out a replacement should it be required.


Exclusions from warranty


Prestige Soft Tops will not cover minor shrinkage and colour fading. All materials whether cloth or vinyl experience some shrinkage and colour fading due to natural ageing and exposure of the material.


Ultraviolet Exposure

Prestige Soft Tops does not cover fading or degradation of the underside of all soft tops. When a soft top (OEM or aftermarket) is folded down, it should always be covered by a boot cover when left in the sun for prolonged periods in order to protect the underside of the fabric from sun damage due to ultra violet rays. Failure to protect the backing causes degradation and fading of the backing material.


Plastic Windows

Prestige Soft Tops will not cover fracture due to folding at low temperatures or zipper corrosion. Folding of a plastic window when the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius can cause fracture or breakage in the plastic. If a brass zipper is ordered, then there is no guarantee against corrosion of the zipper. Plastic windows can experience some pitting or discoloration of the surface if they remain in the box for over 12 months.


Glass Windows

Prestige Soft Tops accepts no responsibility for breakage during and after installation. No warranty is available against failure of the demister on Heated Hard Glass windows after installation. Testing of the demister prior to installation is recommended, as a labour credit will not be available for this defect once installed. In addition, all glass windows are inspected for distortion. No warranty is offered for window distortion after installation. Careful examination of the glass prior to installation is recommend as labour credit will not be available once installed.


Stitch Fading

Any stitching on a soft top will experience some fading over time. This fading will not be covered by warranty.


Top Frames

Prestige Soft Tops will not be responsible for damage to the product caused by a worn, misaligned or damaged top frame, or known design flaws by OEM Manufacturers. Vehicle manufacturers generally release Technical Service Bulletins outlining inherent problems with vehicles and recommend solutions. Technical Service Bulletins may be obtained from you local dealer or online sources.



Prestige Soft Tops accepts no responsibility problems caused by alteration.


Natural Disasters

Prestige Soft Tops cannot be held responsible for damage caused by natural disasters such as hail or severe winds.


Incidental expenses

Prestige Soft Tops will not cover any costs incurred while repairs are being undertaken on a warranty claim vehicle, for example rental of another car.