Why are these soft tops so much cheaper than the factory OEM (original equipment manufacturers) item? Does this mean the quality is not as good?

The main reason our soft tops are lower in price is that we don’t place the same mark-up on our product as the OEM does. This is generally justified as they are the only place you can buy that item, that is unless you know about the great aftermarket items we stock.

Our tops are made in the USA by E-Z ON Auto Tops Inc, not to be confused with EZY Fit or EZ Soft Tops. E-Z ON Auto Tops Inc is one of the biggest aftermarket soft top manufacturers in the world with industry leading quality control systems.

How long will my new top last?

Many factors will influence the life span of a soft top. Some of these factors are:

• Sun exposure - UV light

• Frequency of use - How many times you put the top up and down.

• Top storage – If you keep your car in the garage your top will last longer.

A top should never be kept folded down for prolonged periods.

• How well you care for it – Like most things perishable, the better they are cared for

the longer they last. See our section on Soft Top care

Can I install the soft top myself?

We generally do not recommend installation by anyone other than a trained professional. That is not to say that if you have some practical experience and a bit of mechanical nous you cannot do it. Fitting a top is not for the novice handyman and our “fit first time guarantee” will not apply here. Some fitting tips are available and included with most tops but these are far from a step-by-step guide and may not be sufficient for the first time installer.

If I choose to install the top myself are there any things I need or should know first?

To install a soft top you will require a standard set of tools ranging from sockets, spanners and screwdrivers required for the disassembly and reassembly of you vehicle. Many tops require a rivet gun, staple gun and high strength contact adhesive. Furthermore temperature controlled heat guns and steamers may also be required to remove any creases and wrinkles from the top once fitted. The rear guards and boot should also always be covered to prevent any accidental damage to the paint and panels. The last thing to note is fitting a soft top should be avoided in temperatures below 18 degrees Celsius.

What other bits might I need for the installation of my new top?

There are certain components that can also perish with an aged soft top. These include bow straps, Pads, Tension cables, headliners and other parts. We stock may of these parts so be sure to replace these if required as often they are impossible to replace after a top has been fit to the vehicle. Note, we require that bow straps are replaced on some vehicles or the warranty will be void, this is mentioned in the product description if it is required.

What does Top Only mean?

Top Only refers to the outer soft top less the window. This implies that the window is sold separately or that factory item is to be reused.

My top is in great condition but the plastic window is ruined, can I just buy the window?

For many tops we offer the window as a separate item and can be purchased independently to the top. If the top you have is a one piece top, in other words the window cannot be removed without cutting the top then unfortunately a new top will be required to remedy the perished window.

How do I maintain my soft top to keep it looking like new?

Please see our section on Soft Top care.

How do I prevent the plastic window from wear and creasing?

A plastic window can last many years and still look like new if cared for in the correctly. Keeping the window clean is an important part of maintaining its glossy new condition. As the window folds horizontally down the centre, quite often on many convertibles it ends up folded back on itself when flat in the rear storage position. If the plastic is covered in dust or dirt this can be abrasive and with the vibration of the vehicle can result in abrasion of the outer surface resulting in an opaque and worn appearance.

To preventing creasing there are two simple things you can do. Firstly if you lower the soft top in cold weather the plastic is a little stiffer and may not fold correctly down the centre. Keep an eye out for this and if a clean single fold does not occur stop the roof midway and smooth out and creases by hand then continue to lower the roof down. The second tip is to roll up a town and place it on the plastic window at the fold point as the roof is lowered. This will prevent the fold in the plastic being as sharp and help in maintaining the condition of the window.

What does “Curtain” mean?

A Curtain is another term for a plastic window.

What is a headliner?

A headliner is the fabric cover that is visible from the inside of the vehicle. Its function is to insulate and reduce noise whist covering all the straps and mechanisms of a convertible roof. Note: headliners are not fitted to all vehicles.

What is a bow and bow strap?

A bow strap connects between the bows in the roof. Some straps are elastic and perform a key function in the smooth and reliable operation on the roof assembly.