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German engineering has long been synonymous with two things: excellence and luxury, and BMW is a textbook representation of that, holding a prestigious place amongst car enthusiasts. The German company first dabbled in the convertible space in 1978 with the E21 3 Series, however it was not a full convertible, and only featured a retractable soft-top roof and back, leaving pillars in place just behind the doors. The following 3 Series evolution in 1986, the E30, marked the brand’s first proper convertible release.

Since then, BMW has released numerous convertibles including the stylish and sleek Z Series roadster. Prestige Soft Tops understands the desire to keep your convertible secure and durable without sacrificing style which is why we provide high-quality BMW soft top replacement products from various trusted manufacturers. Our extensive range includes soft tops for:

  • 1 Series — E88 (128i, 135i M1 etc.)
  • 2 Series — F23 (228i, 230i, M2 etc.)
  • 3 Series — E30 (318i, 320i and 325i)
  • 3 Series — E36 (318i, 320i, 325i, 328i and M3)
  • 3 Series — E46 (323ci, 325ci, 330ci and M3)
  • 6 Series — E64
  • 6 Series — F12
  • Z3 — E37 Roadster
  • Z4 — E85 Roadster

Please feel free to take a look at our catalogue of BMW soft top replacements below. You may also contact us if you have any questions or concerns.