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It’s likely that you have a specific car in mind when you want to purchase a new convertible top. However, if you don’t, you may be surprised at how many there are to choose from. The options include modern convertibles, sports, soft top convertibles, and hard top convertibles. Depending on their size, convertibles can range from two-seat roadster models to larger models with four seats. How to decide which one to choose? 

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In comparison to hard top convertibles, soft tops are more modern, they look and feel more luxurious too. The soft top convertible looks more attractive due to its smooth lines. They retract automatically in seconds after you press the button. There are a few convertibles with retractable hard tops that can break into two or three pieces and lower elegantly into the trunk. Additionally, since they can be easily folded they take up less boot space when the roof is open and they offer more cargo space compared to hard tops. Often, hard tops require more space in the boot to store than soft tops. 

Aside from being lighter, they’re also generally more affordable. Depending on the make and model, soft tops are usually made of fabric with a plastic or glass window in the back. If the window is not present, the tops are quite light. A soft top convertible will still be significantly lighter than a hard top even with the window. Hardtops are often heavier by more than 40 kilograms. 

Weight is another factor that affects their use. Soft top convertibles are easier to use than hard tops and can be operated at a faster pace than hard tops, but we recommend not putting them up and down when you are driving. 


Roll bars usually come with convertibles, either fixed or pop-up, so that passengers are protected in an accident. Most of the time, side airbags are optional on less expensive models but are considered a standard feature on premium drop tops. As an alternative to the side curtains found on solid-roof vehicles, many of these side airbags extend upward to protect the head. Features such as blind-spot warnings, parking sensors, and rear view cameras should be considered.


Soft top convertibles make a quieter sound than hard top cabriolets when raindrops hit them. Soft tops are more versatile than hard tops due to their malleable nature. You can easily remove them and reinstall them so that you can enjoy those warm days without a top. 

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Consider driving an off-road vehicle without the top on, taking advantage of the deployment capabilities of your soft top. You’re enjoying the outdoors while you’re connected to nature, but nature’s darker side is looming overhead. Before heavy rains hit, the soft top can be quickly and easily put back on your vehicle, keeping you and the interior dry. Hard tops require more time to deploy when compared to soft tops.


Soft tops are also generally less expensive than hard tops. A hard top usually costs more since it requires more technology and electrical components to function.

The best thing about soft tops is their ease of repair. Replacing, repairing, and maintaining them is generally less expensive than maintenance for hard tops. They will, however, need to be replaced more often. 


To ensure your convertible is equipped with premium soft tops, Prestige Soft Tops stocks a range of high-quality tops in different fabrics by international manufacturers. In case you feel uncomfortable fitting your soft top yourself, we have an Australia-wide network of professional and experienced soft top fitters. By using Prestige Soft Top professionals, you will save time and ensure a perfect fit.

Over 10 years we’ve established a nationwide network of specialists to professionally install your new soft top, whether it’s your BMW, Ford, Mazda MX-5 or Mercedes-Benz convertible.

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