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Prestige Soft Top prides itself on providing quality, internationally made soft tops in Australia for a variety of makes and models so you can enjoy a premium, long-lasting convertible top. But like with most products, their longevity is only guaranteed and prolonged provided the appropriate care and maintenance is given. This guide will be highlighting several key tips to know regarding care and maintenance for your soft top replacement to ensure it has an outstanding and long life.

Why should you care and maintain your soft top?

Let’s say you’ve just purchased one of our convertible top replacements and have had it fitted by a professional installer; you’re absolutely rapt with how it looks and can’t wait to hop in and take it for a spin, you just want to cruise around to show off your new top. That is exactly why you should be caring for and maintaining your top, because that glorious aesthetic that you fell in love with as soon as it was installed is what you would ideally like it to be around the clock, and that’s only achievable through proper care and maintenance.

Whilst our soft top replacements are treated with products when they come brand new to help prolong their life, these will wear away if no maintenance is administered and the top is exposed to harsh elements. Simply put: if left unkempt, your soft top will degrade over time and will lose its stunning appeal as well as its protective qualities.

Avoid harsh elements

Australia is a fairly arid country overall, and is prone to some pretty drastic weather and extreme UV radiation. Constant, direct sun can be damaging to your soft top fabric, whether it’s vinyl or cloth, and will fast-track its degradation. Too much sun exposure can cause it to fade and degrade whilst humidity and heavy rain can lead to mould or mildew growth if not properly dried after a downpour.

Whilst we understand it isn’t always feasible for some, you should try to keep your new soft top under cover or in a shaded spot as much as possible; this passive technique will go a long way in maintaining the top’s longevity. For a more active approach, we stock Bowden’s Own Vinyl Revival and Fabratection products, which offer, amongst other things, superb UV protection for vinyl and cloth soft tops (respectively).

Washing tips

Just like washing your car regularly is an essential (and for some, therapeutic) task, the same must be done for your soft top, but there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.

  • Never spot clean. Whilst unwanted additions to your top like bird faeces may push you to only wash a specific spot, this should be avoided as spot washing could cause rings to appear, tarnishing the top’s visual appeal.
  • Never wash in direct sunlight. On a clear day, washing in the sun can seem like an attractive idea, but the direct sunlight can dry the top a lot faster than it should, meaning the sediments of the cleaning materials can be left to build up on the top, this becomes worse when some parts are not directly in the sun’s path. Try to wash in the shade if possible.
  • Use the right tools for the right job. A soft brush, a chamois, a whole lot of water and specialised cleaning products will guarantee an effective wash and clean.

Soft top care products

Once you have thoroughly rinsed and scrubbed any obvious dirt particles off of your soft top, it will be time to apply specialised soft top cleaning products. It is crucial that you never use any household cleaning products or solvent-based products as they can cause rapid deterioration (think bleach, alcohol or vinegar for example). We stock a range of premium Bowden’s Own soft top care products that are perfect for both vinyl and cloth tops, as well as some essential cleaning accessories to help make your washing and maintenance journey as smooth as possible.

Premium Australian soft top replacements and care products

Prestige Soft Tops is home to an expansive range of superior-quality replacement soft tops and soft top care products. If you’re uncomfortable with fitting your new soft top, then our national network of installers will ensure that wherever you are in Australia, your new top will be installed by professionals for that perfect fit.

If you would like to enquire about one of our products or require assistance with soft top care and maintenance, then please do not hesitate to email us at or fill out our online contact form so one of our team members can get back to you ASAP.