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There’s something methodical about replacing your own soft top; whether you’re working on restoring a vintage convertible or are refreshing your daily driver, a well-fitting soft top is crucial. Whilst Prestige Soft Tops has an extensive network of partnerships with professional and experienced soft top fitters around Australia, we understand that there are some who would prefer to handle the task themselves. This article will help you understand the pros and cons of installing a replacement soft top so you can better understand the risks before attempting to fit the top yourself.

Inexperience may lead to an ill-fitting top

Like with any trade, someone who has the experience and is qualified to perform a task will usually do a better job compared to someone without experience, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the right way to go. There may be financial factors involved or you may just want to learn how to do it yourself.


If you have decided to fit your soft top yourself then you will gain a series of useful skills; some of our DIY-friendly tops come with step-by-step instructions to help you ensure your top has the best fit possible. If it is your first time then you may have to go through some trial and error to ensure your soft top is appropriately fitted and doesn’t have any gaps or wrinkles.


The aforementioned trial and error could take quite a bit of time and if you’ve never really done anything similar before you may end up damaging your convertible or top in addition to potentially not fitting it properly and not realising. If you are unsure whether or not you can fit your top properly, then it may be worth contacting an experienced and authorised installer.

Timeframe considerations

Perfectly fitting a replacement soft top will take time and is not something you want to rush as several things could go wrong. Time is a factor that you may want to consider when deciding to fit your own top.


When fitting your replacement soft top yourself, you have the luxury of taking your time and ensuring that everything is as it should be. This is especially useful if you’re restoring a car or working on a weekend driver where there is no urgency. If there is no rush, then installing a top yourself can be a reasonable option.


The other side of the coin is that if you are in a rush then you may be better off enquiring with us about a local authorised soft top installer. If you attempt to rush the installation then there’s a higher chance of the top not being fitted incorrectly and damage occurring during operation. Experienced and trained installers will be able to efficiently fit the top perfectly and without any hassle, saving you time and potential mistakes.

Do you have the appropriate tools?

Fitting your own soft top can be a great learning experience, but depending on the replacement soft top you’ve purchased, specialised tools may be required to complete the process. Before installing a soft top yourself, be sure to go through every step and tool you’ll need prior so you aren’t hit with any surprises down the track.


Some soft tops will only require basic tools like a Philips and/or Torx screwdriver. This can make the installation simpler as you won’t have to worry about purchasing extra tools that you may be unfamiliar with. If you do require more specialised tools such as rivet or staple guns, and you have an interest in restoring cars, then these may be worthwhile investments to add to your repertoire.


It may not be worth investing in specialist tools if you are only going to use them once; if you’re unfamiliar with such tools then you also risk making a mistake when operating them which could potentially lead to major damage. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed when it comes to installing your own top, then a professional soft top fitter may be the smarter choice.

Professional soft top replacement suppliers

Prestige Soft Tops stock a range of high-quality soft tops in different fabrics from international manufacturers to ensure your convertible is equipped with the best premium tops. Whilst only some of our tops come with DIY instructions, we do have an Australia-wide network of professional and experienced soft top fitters in case you feel uncomfortable fitting it yourself. This can save you time and guarantee a perfect fit.

Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about our products or are looking for guidance on an installer in your area by filling out our online enquiry form or emailing us at