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As the leading experts in soft tops in Australia, the team at Prestige Soft Tops is always interested in the changing styles of top-down motoring. While the classic aesthetic of a two-door Mazda MX-5 with a black soft top and sleek lines remains timeless, there are many other soft top looks to explore!

Regardless of the changes in colour, materiality or surface weave, the lightweight appeal of driving in a topless roadster along the open Australian roads never changes.

Soft Top Car Australia

The original style limitations of soft tops

When soft top technology first began in the 1920s with vinyl materials in early coupes, the colour palette was limited to neutral shades with not a lot of variability between vehicles. However, over the next 50 years, different versions of the soft top style emerged including:

  • The halo style involved the vinyl ending short of the tops of the side windows and windshield, forming a “halo” around the windshield.
  • The canopy style covers the front half of the roof.
  • The landau style covers only the back cabin of the vehicle, as little as a quarter or a third of the roof.  
  • The full cover style protects the whole top of the convertible.

While the first models of soft tops were mainly limited to vinyl-like materials, now many soft tops on the market are comprised of a careful collection of material layers for lightweight usage. Earlier soft top styles were manually removed and refastened, but with technology improvements many soft tops can be automatically positioned, have compact storage options or include rear window defrosters. Now composed of innovative, lightweight materials, improvements in soft tops also include more modern style changes.

Soft top looks to explore

In today’s market, there is a range of fabrics and colours available to personalise your convertible with a premium soft top. With more textures and eye-catching colours available than ever, convertible drivers can be spoiled for choice when choosing a soft top design and are no longer limited to a muted or neutral palette. Now convertibles can feature soft tops in contrasting and rich colours for a brighter, more personal look. For those that have already customised aspects of their convertibles, this could be an opportunity to select a medium green to match the custom interiors or rims.

Improving the look of soft tops is also important to manufacturers with multiple surface weave options available purely for aesthetic appeal. For instance, the Twillfast CR available for the Rolls Royce Dawn features inner layers that are crease-resistant, for a smoother, seamless look when assembling the roof after being stowed for a long period.

Mixing colours is also an option when choosing soft tops in Australia. Both cloth topping types and vinyl soft tops are comprised of the exterior facing fabric and the interior backing cloth, which allows a wealth of colour combination opportunities. This allows darker vehicles to maintain a sleek exterior with a matching black cloth soft top and include a brighter interior with a bolder colour.

What is the future for soft top design?

In recent years, our experts have seen improvements to the performance, technology and longevity of soft tops with a more diverse range of colours available to convertible drivers and cleaning products for improved soft top maintenance.

With continued advancements to the textures and lightweight feel of the soft tops, perhaps the customisation options will continue to expand with more widespread patterns and prints available for the interiors and exteriors of convertibles.

Looking for a premium soft top in Australia?

The professional team at Prestige Soft Tops has a wide supply of high-quality soft tops in Australia in a range of different fabrics by international manufacturers. Our talented specialists are available for all your soft top replacement and care needs, with an Australia-wide network of dedicated and experienced soft top fitters for a unique, streamlined experience. By using Prestige Soft Top installers, you can ensure a perfect fit for a smoother drive.

Over 10 years we’ve established a nationwide network of specialists to professionally install your new soft top, whether it’s a BMWFordMazda MX-5 or Mercedes-Benz convertible, we have the soft top to suit your convertible and personal style.

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