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As a proud convertible owner, we know that you want to keep your soft top in tip-top shape throughout the entire year. What you might not know, is that as the seasons change, as the temperature starts to drop, and winter approaches, there are some important things you should know about convertible ownership. That’s right, as we go through autumn into winter, it is essential to note that there are steps you can take as a soft top owner to help your convertible through the colder months. That’s why we have put together this list of tips for you this month, as the change of seasons rapidly approaches. Keep reading to find out our tips for the chillier seasons, from preparation and protection, to convertible top replacement. This advice will be sure to help you keep your soft top looking and performing its best throughout this autumn, winter and beyond.

soft top convertible covered in ice

Make Sure to Prepare for the Colder Months

You can prepare for the colder temperatures in several ways, and similar to most things in life, when it comes to soft tops and winter, preparation is key. One important way to protect your convertible car is by giving it proper soft top care with good cleaning and condition using a high-quality product designed for such a purpose. The Bowden’s Own cleaning range is full of premium products that are made for use on soft tops. Take fabratection – designed specifically to protect your fabric roof, or Vinyl Revival, which protects and restores vinyl soft tops. Giving your soft top a thorough once-over with the relevant product will help to condition and protect your convertible roof from the rain, as well as any icy mornings, or even any snow you might encounter.

Another way to prepare for winter is to get your hands on a top-quality car cover. This is a smart investment, because a quality car cover can help to protect your convertible from rain during winter, and from the sun during the hot Aussie summer. Remember: a car cover is likely to be a bit of a financial investment because what you’re looking for is a quality, breathable cover that will protect your car.

Careful Parking

During autumn and winter, it’s important to be aware of where you park your convertible, both at home, and when you are out and about. Ideally, you will keep your convertible parked under a carport or in a garage during the winter months in order to protect it from the elements. However, not everyone has the luxury of a garage or a carport, so it is important to remember to park carefully. For instance, try to avoid parking under trees that could be damaged by storms and end up damaging your convertible. When out of the house, consider trying to park under cover, to further protect your soft top from damage.

Replace Your Soft Top When Necessary

The ultimate protection for your convertible car is to keep up with maintaining your soft top, which means replacing it when necessary. There are multiple signs that can tell you that it’s time for a soft top replacement, for instance, if the soft top fabric is pulling at the seams. This can indicate that a rip in the material is imminent, which leads to the need for replacement.

More signs that you may need to replace your soft top include any discolouration of the fabric, vinyl, or canvas roof, as well as the presence of a hole. Further, your roof could need replacing if there are any issues with it when it is being raised or lowered.

If you think that your convertible roof may need replacing, it is important to call in the experts. When your soft top roof is compromised in any of the ways listed above, this can compromise the overall health and performance of your car, especially in winter. That’s why roof replacement could just be the key to protecting your convertible in the winter months.

Do You Need Convertible Top Replacement?

If you are thinking of your own prized convertible now, you might be considering convertible top replacement or installation. When you need your soft top replaced, look no further than Prestige Soft Tops. We are just as passionate about your soft top as you are, which is why we are proud to provide professional soft top replacement and installation expertise. Backed by 10 years of industry experience, we offer a nationwide network of expert installers, who will be able to assist you with all of your soft top roof needs. From vinyl to fabric, we are the soft top convertible experts, and we are here to help.

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