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How It Started

Our obsession with convertibles started as far back as 22 years ago when the Honda S2000 made its first débuted in Australia. Mark, the founder of Prestige Soft Tops soon after decided to purchase a Monti Carlo Blue AP1.

After a few years of ownership, he realised the soft top was subject to considerable wear and tear and that the top Honda had fitted was made from a vinyl material. He set out to replace the top with a European canvas item produced by Robbins Auto Tops. After importing and fitting the top, he was approached by many club members asking where they could find one of these! The rest is history…

About Prestige Soft Tops

We soon realised there were very few reasonable options to purchase a new soft top and have it replaced in Australia. Original equipment tops were obscenely expensive, often resulting in cars being written-off due to any vandalism to the roof. That was when we decided to collaborate with 5 best-in-class manufacturers from all around the world to offer our local market a quality alternative.

These brands include

  • Robbins
  • GAHH
  • EZ-ON Auto Tops
  • BAS
  • OEM Plus

Since then we’ve established a huge range of tested replacement tops and a strong, trusted network of motor trimmers all around the country that can help repair, restore, and renew your convertible pride and joy.